My Justin Bieber Dream

Every Girl has a Dream , But Every Belieber has a Justin Bieber Dream!
Well this site is ur chance for sharing with us ur Justin Bieber Dream.
Whether Its Meeting Justin Bieber himslef , Singing with him or Even Being his OLLG... :)
Share ur Dreams with us so we can try to realize them! Maybe someday Justin Bieber himslef will read ur Dreams & make them possible, Who Knows?
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Never Say Never to ur Dreams! :)
Thats what our role model taught us! <3

Aug 31

Emma’s ( @Shawtyemmax ) Dream Of meeting Justin Bieber :)

Hey Guys ,

My name is emma, Im 13 and from England ….. Since I live in England Justin hardley ever comes to visit the UK. The only time he did I was at school and I wasnt able to go see him. My bieber dream ?? My dream is to simply meet justin .. I know loads of peoples dreams are going to be that but if i could just meet justin once.. It would be AMAZING ! I have enterd loads of comps to try and meet justin but i never win them …… so yeaa… my dream … meet justin once … after i meet him once i would be happy …… but i just really wanna meet him :)
love emma <3 @shawtyemmax

Aug 30

Tamara’s ( @TamaraB_xo ) ‘s Dream is to Meet Justin Bieber & Be his OLLG :)

Hi Everyone :)

I have a dream that also a lot of girls around the world have or have accomplished already.. My dream is to simply meet the one and only Justin Bieber or to be his ollg! I come from a small town in Canada, that very few people heard of, and if you did hear of it we apparently live in igloos which is far from true haha I’m the biggest belieber out of all my friends and they think im a fool to think i may actually get the chance to meet him, but i beg to differ, anything is possible.. So maybe my dream to meet the teenage heart throb or be the ollg in one of his concerts will come true, i’d say it’d probably be the happiest day of my life. He’s such an inspiration and he is very talented. I read all the stories on and hopefully one day i will get to post my own story and pictures with the crew. There is so much things i can say about Justin and why i would like to meet him, but i’ll just keep it simple and say he is incredible.. So hopefully one day i will live my Bieber dream..

Tamara… @TamaraB_xo

“A wise man once Said : Never Say Never , Fight for ur Dreams till Forever & Never Give up !
That wise man had a name: Justin Drew Bieber <3”

Catherine’s ( @BieberMinute ) Dream is Meeting Justin Bieber :)

My Bieber Dream…. and I know so many other girls have the same one… is simply to meet Justin one day, just one time. A few minutes with him would be more than enough. Like Justin himself, I am just a kid from a small town… but even smaller than his, Stratford has 30,000 people living in it, the town I live in has less than 13,000. I already know my life isn’t gonna come to much, I could lie and say that he has taught me to belieb in some big dream of mine, but I’m fourteen now, I’ve had a reality check, I’m not gonna be famous, how could I with no real talent to back it up? But I’m ok with that.. I’m ok with the fact that the only way I could probably ever be rich is by winning the lottery or something. But there is a dream that I have, not to be a star or to be dirty rich or to move to hollywood… but just to meet Justin Bieber. He really is the most amazing guy isn’t he? He’s drop dead G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S , really talented, inspirational, stylish, has cool friends.. but more than any of those things, he has a kind heart and a lovely personality. I know there’s no way of me knowing these things for sure, but the way he is all the time.. always thankful, kind to his fans, giving to charities, helping people out, saying all these sweet romantic things, making people’s dreams come true. I’m almost sure it’s genuine, I’m pretty sure 4.5million would be able to suss it out if he wasn’t. To meet him , would literally be a dream come true. I have dreamt about it so many times, aswell as reading other people’s stories about meeting him, seeing videos of people being his OLLG… even just seeing him tweeting people. I’m not gonna say there’s a special reason why I should get to meet him because there isn’t. I just sure hope one day that might not matter.

Catherine , @BieberMinute :)

Jenny’s ( @iStalkBiieber ) Dream Of Meeting Justin Bieber :)

Hey Guys! ,

Well , My Bieber Dream is to meet my dreamboy.. He is a white boy from Canada and humps the floor, he talk to swans and call his Fans ‘His girlfriends’… Awww, guess who? :)


PS.: Sorry 4 my bad english x( I’m german :D..


@iStalkBiieber :)

Nadine’s ( @Beliebincyruss ) Dream of going to Justin Bieber’s Concert & Meeting Him! :)

hey its nadine….


So this is my bieber dream and gonna happen tomorrow with or without me =( )

okay so basically aug. 31st in ny justin has a concert and its been sold out for a really long time..ive been trying to get tickets for a really long time but no luck. Justin has changed my life in so many ways. He taught me to NEVER SAY NEVER, to chase my dreams, go after your dreams and dont let anyone stop you. i have loved him/his music from the beginning and i always will. There people that I know that rather me be something they want me to be in the future and not what i want to do and justin has inspired me to go after my dreams no matter what! Belieb in everything because everythings reachable right? i thank him soo much for everything he has done for his fans..i really do. I have read twititions before to meet justin, well yea i would love to meet my role model and inspiration but first i really want to go to his concert. if its possible i would love to meet him! so .. ive never been to a concert before in my entire life and for justins concert to be my first would be the most amazing thing ever!!!! u smile I smile =) PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND GET THEM TO SEE IT!! I HAVVE ONE DAY TIL MSG PLEASE HELP….and btw i MIGHT go to there anyways just to be there since its the movie so with this ill hopefully b”h have a better chance of getting ticketss!!! but i might not cause i have oriantation for school and my mom might not let. fml. ahhh i really hope @justinbieber and his crew see my twitlonger before its to late!! …. <3 =)

Aug 29


Well I guess Id like to visit all the planet, Go around the world :D

How about u ? :)

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